The Ultimate Kids Ramadan Resources List

Going through the internet to search for Ramadan resources for your children can be time consuming and can even get quite overwhelming (I’ve done it, I know!). So this is my humble attempt to collect together and share FREE beneficial resources that I have come across during my searches, so that perhaps I can save you some much needed time and energy during this blessed month!

Preparing for Ramadan (especially with kids!) can be fun and exciting and doesn’t have to feel like a stressful cumbersome task, insha’Allah some of these resources can help you towards achieving this. Use what you like and skip what you don’t, it’s as simple as that insha’Allah! Bismillah…

30 Days Activities for Children (one for each day of Ramadan)

30 Days of Craft Ideas for Children

30 Childrens acitivites for Ramadan

30 Days of Hadiths to go through with children (and adults!)

30 Day Ramadan Colouring book

30 Days of Good Deeds for Ramadan Jar

30 Day Quran Journal for Ramadan (for kids and adults)

30 Day Learn Words in the Qur’an Activity

30 days of Kindness Printable

30 Day Craft Activities based on Children’s Ramadan Books

A list of ideas of 30 things to do with the kids during Ramadan

Ramadan Workbooks for Children

A book introducing fasting to children (Age 9-14years) (rainbowofislam)

A book introducing fasting to children (Age 7-9years)

Ramadan Tutor Handbook (for children)

Ramadan activity book for kids (amuslimchildisborn)

My First Ramadan Pack (ummassadhomeschool)

Ramadhan Workbook (48 pages) (an nasihah -so colourful and lovely!)

Juzz ‘Amma Quran tracker workbook /

Ramadan Crafts/Resources for Children

List of 52 Ramadan Books for Kids

Ramadhan colouring pages

Ramadan Lantern crafts

Mosque Silhouettes (cutting and sticking activity)

Printable Ramadhaan board game

3 Ramadhan games

Ramadhaan good deed tree

Ramadan colouring pages lists and links

Ramadan Resources for Adults

Ramadan planning kit for adults (nicely presented too!)

Blank Meal Planner for Ramadan

Ramadan Family Action Plan (concise printable)

Guide about ‘Making Dua’ during Ramadan (extremely comprehensive!)

30 Day Ramadan Meal and Fitness Plan

Dua Cards- Selected Supplications from Hisnul Muslim (beautiful!)

Ramadan school dawah kit (scroll down to the bottom)

Other Useful Information/Links

23 Ramadan Decorations and Calendars list

Ramadhaan and Eid bunting, cards and cake toppers (amuslimhomeschool)

Islamic daily Salah chart tutorial for children

49 ways to get children involved in Ramadhaan (excellent article with links)

101 Funtastic Ramadan crafts and activities (muslimhomeschool blog)

How to make date pops (Healthy treat for the kids)

This is not an exhaustive list and if you spend some time on the internet you will soon notice there is so much available. Sometimes however, so much can be too much. Always reflect on the bigger picture and your end goal. Don’t worry so much about having the perfect Ramadan display and the perfect activity schedule planned for your kids. If you have put in sincere effort, have been present with your children and they ENJOY Ramadan, then alhamdulillah you have been successful in creating positive associations with Ramadan that will insha’Allah last with them for a lifetime.

If you benefited from this information in any way, I would really appreciate it if you could donate whatever amount you can to our non-profit start-up community organisation and let it count as a Sadaqah Jaariyah (ongoing charity) for you.

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