RE/RSE – How will YOU manage when the changes are made?

You may have read about the changes in RE/RSE (Relationships Education / Relationships & Sex Education) in the news recently. These subjects will be taught in all schools including academies, free, independent and faith schools, with no exception.

As a parent this causes me a lot of concern as the subject will be taught to children as young as 4 years old, from when they enter school at reception. My son will be starting reception soon and will be exposed to these lessons from such a young age, which has lead me to think, how can I tackle this important and sensitive issue?

What challenges does this bring now?

The new subjects will be implemented across England in all schools from September 2020. As a parent or guardian, you will not be allowed to withdraw your child(ren) from Relationships Education. Sex Education classes and withdrawal from these vary, depending on whether it is a primary or secondary school.

The responsibility to teach these sensitive subjects should be with parents, not the Government, nor the schools. Parents should have the right to educate their child(ren) about relationships, marriage and other related matters in a way they see fit – they know their child(ren) best. By making these subjects compulsory, the Government is dictating to parents what child(ren) should be taught about social and moral values.

Effectively the Government has taken the role of parents away from them. Parents are the primary educators of their child(ren) and their rights must be considered when RE and RSE come into schools in September 2020.

How do we move forward?

We know that this law has now been passed and these lessons will be taught in our schools. So now, as parents… What can we do? What are our rights? How can we engage with the schools to understand what they will teach?

To find out the answers to these questions and practical steps on how to tackle this issue, click below to register for our FREE RE/RSE Workshop.

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