Eid Gathering Review

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah!

A HUGE thank you to all those that attended our Eid Gathering, jazakamullAhu khairan for coming along with your families, bringing delicious food and getting together to help connect our growing Muslim community! A few weeks after Eid and yet the Eid spirit was alive and in full swing alhamdulillah…

Over 100 (!) of you attended with your families alhamdulillah (we don’t estimate, we use counters😊). A mix of various generations, from our dear elders to our young tots, so lovely to have everyone together. All the hard work paid off seeing you all enjoying the incredible atmosphere, where everyone was so friendly, open, engaging and happy alhamdulillah! The scrumptious food helped… we were truly spoilt!

Special Thanks To…

We would like to thank our amazing TMPS sisters volunteer team for their time, dedication and hard work to help make this event a success, these include sisters Shanaz, Nazma, Rumena, Mohima, Sarah, Saima and Fargana. Lets remember that they are all busy Muslimahs, working, studying, raising their children, maintaining homes, families and own businesses, amongst many other commitments. Yet they all give their time and energy for the sake of Allah (swt) and for the betterment of our Muslim community, alhamdulillah to have found such gems!  Thank you to sister Maryam for donating cakes even though she couldn’t attend, sister Naziyah for managing our car share scheme and our extra volunteers on the day including sisters Tamima, Nadiya and Tuffa, your help was very much appreciated!

Thank you to PC Neil Brand for being at our event, and to councillor Kaiser Abbas for arranging this for us. May Allah (swt) reward brother Kaiser for taking the initiative to identify the needs of the community and then being proactive to organise assistance for it, we are very grateful to have his support alhamdulillah. Let’s remember that our wider non-Muslim community want to support us in being able to practise our faith freely and in celebrating our festivals, so we should only ever feel proud to be Muslims! Thank you to the very kind group of brothers who stayed outside the event also, these include brothers Hussain, Mohammed, Hassan, Umar, Afruz and Shah. Alhamdulillah, so pleased to be creating such a wonderful supportive community of families with the help of Allah (swt).

(If you want to skip straight to the pictures, go ahead, or else here’s a brief overview of our day..)

The Days Outline

As guests slowly poured in, food was prepared on the buffet table, sisters very busy labelling and organising it for everyone (masha’Allah tabarak’Allah we were very impressed that most of you were on time, well done! see, we are changing the narrative of Muslims being ‘late’ already alhamdulillah!). I gave a brief intro to Thurrock Muslim Parents Society, our reason for initiating it, our vision and aims (well done to anyone who was able to concentrate without glancing over at the delicious food!). We all tucked into the food then started the ‘Talent Show’.

The hall had a beautiful stage at no extra cost to us, so we thought why not use it? SubhanAllah, prior to the event, we had only 3 children registering for the show, it seemed like Thurrock’s Muslim talent wanted to stay hidden! As the 3 registered children participated, the most amazing thing happened, slowly we had more and more children eager to get on stage, eventually we had 14 children line up and perform alhamdulillah! This is the power of a positive environment and shows the influence peers can have on us. Parents offering the opportunity was simply not enough for some kids, but as soon as they saw their peers, they wanted in on the action. This is exactly the behaviour we hoped to encourage in them by providing a supportive, Islamic and ‘fun’ environment, that encourages the remembrance of Allah (swt), alhamdulillah. I actually ran out of certificates, but please be assured that any children that didn’t receive it on the day, I will post it out to you personally insha’Allah!

After the Talent Show, the children’s games session started and a big well done to the sisters managing this, there were so many children wanting to take part alhamdulillah! All the kids seemed to enjoy themselves whilst the parents were happily chatting away, exactly what we hoped for alhamdulillah. Only thing we did miss- tea! Insha’Allah next time 😊

A Few Testimonials/Feedback

‘Thank you to all the organisers for the great effort you did to have such a lovely day. Me and my girls really enjoyed our time. May Allah give you great rewards for spreading happiness between all Musims in the community, we are looking forward to more in the future inshaAllah’

‘Thank you, sisters, for arranging a lovely Eid gathering and meeting the community… it’s nice that we can do something like this, greatly appreciated’

‘MashaAllah well done to you all for organising such a wonderful event’

‘Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, the atmosphere was amazing, and I didn’t know so many Muslim sisters live so close by… so much love and effort was put into all of this, we really appreciate it, thank you so much!’

Give Us Your Feedback and Join Us!

This is a new community group and the first time we are doing such events, so please do feel free to give us any sincere feedback about how you felt the event went or any improvements/suggestions, we want to continuously improve our services insha’Allah. Also, if anyone is interested in getting involved and volunteering with us, please get in touch! We are always looking for people to get on board and we believe everyone has something valuable to contribute!

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