Why do we need to teach our children about relationships?

Relationships, love, desire, temptations… these are not easy topics to discuss with our children, but as the society we live in continues to develop and change at a fast rate, as parents, we too need to be moving with the times and address these topics before they learn about them in other (not so favourable) ways. As parents, we face many different types of challenges when bringing up our children, from the amount of screen exposure, access to social media to what type food they should eat.. now we need to add relationships to this.

We currently live in a time where the discussion and promotion of sex and relationships is common in society, and is even being taught to children at schools from the age of 4 years. Perhaps this is not the age that we would have ideally addressed these issues with our children, due to their innocent nature and intellectual immaturity. However, if the alternative is that they learn through other mediums and taught in ways which don’t agree with our religious values, is this a risk we are willing to take? Thinking that somehow, later on we can get them to unlearn these ways of thinking and instead get them to live and act according to how Islam teaches us? This is unlikely at best.

So what can we do as parents?

Withdrawing our children from certain classes, avoiding certain environments/activities/schooling may help temporarily but do not provide long-term solutions for our children, who will eventually go on to live and work in the society where they will encounter all kinds of people, behaviours and actions.

The only real way and best long-term solution to protect our children from the influences in society that go against our beliefs is by teaching them ourselves about such issues according to our faith. We must have these important, honest and possibly awkward discussions with our children about relationships according to Islam. Opening up our children to these topics may even answer many questions they already have, such as where do babies come from? boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and homosexuality. By giving our children the correct understanding and knowledge according to Islam, when they then go on to encounter information, views and practices that contradict Islamic teachings, insha’Allah they will already have a solid foundation from which to be able to decide what is right from wrong. We give the knowledge, explain the reasons and then we hand it over to Allah (swt) and continuously make dua that He (swt) protects our children and guides them on the right path always.

Would you like some support?

Seems like quite a big task and can feel quite daunting right? Don’t worry, you are not alone, most parents feel like this about this topic also.

If you would like to learn ways to manage this challenge and discuss with other parents about how to address these issues with your children, then register for our Relationships Workshop. We have also planned workshops for your children at the same time to help them start thinking about these topics within an Islamic framework. At the end of these workshops, insha’Allah, both parents and children will have a good grounding on this topic from an Islamic perspective and be better equipped (and less uncomfortable!) to have healthy, valuable and confident discussions about these sensitive topics.

To register yourself and your children for the workshops, click below:

We look forward to seeing you there insha’Allah!

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