Let’s Prepare for Ramadan 2020!

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, as you will expect, unfortunately we have had to cancel our regular sisters monthly gathering until further notice. For our April session, we had arranged for Aalimah Marzuqa to deliver a talk on how to prepare for Ramadan. As she will not be able to do this in person anymore, she has very kindly offered to record a talk for us. May Allah (swt) reward her generosity and may it weigh heavily on her scale of good deeds! Ameen.

With less than 2 weeks to go before Ramadan 2020 begins, lets be proactive and prepare ourselves to make this Ramadan our best yet!

Speaker Profile

Marzuqa Karima is a research fellow at the Fatima Elizabeth institute of Islam, Science and Philosophy, and the Religious Programmes Coordinator at Alif Institute. She works on the tradition known as the ma’qūlāt (Islamic rational sciences), with a focus on the related disciplines of uṣūl al-fiqh (legal theory), ‘ilm al-kalām and manṭiq (logic). Marzuqa graduated with an MA in Islamic Studies at SOAS. She also studied for a brief stint at the University of Jordan; faculty of Shari’a. She holds an ijāza in the disciplines of classical Muslim scholarship from Ebrahim College, UK. She has additionally attained ijāza in Hadith studies from Shaykh Akram Nadwi (UK) and Shaykh Hatim al-Awni (Makkah).

Let’s Prepare for Ramadan’ Talk

To listen to the talk, please click on the link below:

List of Live-streams and Online Resources

As mentioned in the talk, please click on the link below to find out about many Islamic live-streams and online resources during Covid 2020:

We pray Allah (swt) makes things easy for you to take the steps needed towards planning and preparing for an amazing Ramadan, and that the current pandemic situation helps to maximise instead of hinder, your Ramadan productivity! Ameen

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