Brothers Connect

Brothers Connect offers a Whatsapp group where you can connect with other brothers in the borough, seek knowledge, experience and advice from the group and share beneficial information. Whether you are a father, husband, son, brother or friend, you are invited to come and connect with us. Many of the events that we run are often discussed here first too, so you’ll always be the first to know! You can also make your own suggestions on activities and events to hold such as football or karate. Most importantly, the group is a great way to get to know one another to create that community feel in the borough that everyone is yearning for.

“Verily, the believers are brothers so make peace between your two brothers that perhaps you may receive mercy.” [Qur’an: Surah Al-Hujarat, Verse 9]

Please contact us requesting to join the group and we will add you insha’Allah.

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