Giving for Thurrock Day

Lets give back to our community

Friday 29th March 2019 is ‘Giving for Thurrock’ Day, a day of fundraising, connecting, volunteering and random acts of kindness. It is run by CVS Thurrock in Grays, a registered charity*. Click the links below for further information on the aims of the day.

With Ramadan just around the corner, what better way to inspire your children to start doing good deeds from now, by giving back to your local community. This is also da’wah work, helping non-Muslims to see the true beauty of Islam through the characters of Muslims.

Here at Thurrock Muslim Parents Society, we have decided to make small but significant gestures of gratitude for people in the community, who work hard playing vital roles to keep our borough running smoothly. We will be giving random ‘Gratitude Notes‘ attached to a little chocolate to community workers such as librarians, lollipop ladies/men, teachers, dustbin collectors, fire fighters, doctors, pharmacist, vets, dentist, bus-drivers. 

We hope that this small act of kindness will help to make the community workers feel appreciated and motivated to continue the good work they are doing and encourage others to adopt a general sense of gratitude.

*Registered Charity Number: 1086690

Join in with us!

We have created some beautiful ‘Gratitude Notes’ that we will be using and invite you to join in with us. The more community workers we can reach the better! You can preview them below.

4 Simple Steps to Take Part

  • 1) Download the document and print out the pages you need.
  • 2) Cut them out
  • 3) Attach a small chocolate (optional)
  • 4) Give them out on Fri 29th March 2019 with a smile!

Please let us know if you give any of our ‘Gratitude Notes’ out and how you got on, we would love to hear about it! Even if someone is already doing it in your area, it’s okay, the more gratitude we can spread the better!

Please also consider donating to the CVS charity to support them in their good work. Simply text ‘Thurrock 1’ to 70085 to give £1 to help vulnerable people in our borough. Of course, you can give more if you are able to! Just change the amount figure after the word ‘Thurrock’.

May Allah (SWT) reward you abundantly for reading this post and for acting on it inshaAllah! May it weigh heavily on your scales and present the true face of Islam to non-Muslims, one that shows love, peace and respect to all.

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