Muslimahs Connect

Muslimahs Connect offers a sisters-only Whatsapp group where you can connect with other sisters in the borough, seek opinions, experience and knowledge from the group and share beneficial information. Whichever roles you have, whether that be as a mother, wife, daughter, sister or friend, you will find a supportive space with us. You are invited to try the self-reflection posts for your personal benefit and there are opportunities to advertise your own businesses/products to the group also (specific terms apply). Many of the events that we run are often discussed here first too, so you’ll always be the first to know! A place to connect and grow individually and collectively, so that we can take our generation of Muslims and the next, confidently into the future insha’Allah.

“When she is a daughter, she opens a door of Jannah for her father. When she is a wife, she completes half the Deen of her husband. When she is a mother, Jannah lies under her feet – If everyone knew the true status of a Muslim woman in Islam, even the men would want to be women.”

Shaykh Akram Nadwi

Please contact us requesting to join the group and we will add you insha’Allah.

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