Sisters Monthly Gatherings – Muslimahs Coffee and Connect

Alhamdulillah it’s here! A series of monthly gatherings exclusively for sisters to:

  • Help boost our emaan and gain beneficial knowledge together.
  • Get to know other local sisters in the area and make friends.
  • Give our young children a chance to learn Arabic vocab in an interactive way, listen to Islamic stories to inspire their curious minds and have fun with rhymes and songs!

An Islamic environment to nurture our souls, develop our social connections and help our children feel part of a Muslim community too!

PLEASE NOTE: The session time has changed and will now run until 5.50pm insha’Allah. Of course, you are welcome to stay for as long as you wish or if you need to leave earlier you can also. For February session, there will be facilities to pray Maghrib salah at the venue inshaAllah.


These sessions are primarily aimed at sisters and any young children aged 0-4 years. However, you are welcome to bring older children along if you are able to occupy them with an activity. Please make sure to bring something for all your children to do whilst the adults Islamic talk and discussions take place so that they do not disrupt the session. All children will be under the supervision of their parent at all times.


There is parking available along Clarence Road and Derby Road Bridge (which turns into Sherfield Road). Usually these are pay & display, but they are free on Sundays. Click below to access a useful map we have created for you.


These monthly sessions are only possible because of the generous donations of beautiful souls within our community. Venue hire (mainly) and other aspects of running the gatherings comes at a cost. We pray that these sisters are rewarded for their generosity in abundance, in this life and the next and that it weighs heavily on their scales in Akhirah.

If you too would like to contribute to the ongoing running costs of our sisters monthly gatherings (regardless of how big or small the amount) and would like a share in the reward of all the sisters and children that will benefit insha’Allah, please contact us on, fill in the form on the contact us page or message Umm Hafsah via the Muslimahs Connect whatsapp group.

A small donation made here to invest in your Akhirah will never be wasted, insha’Allah you will receive it back in multiples in ways you could not imagine and it could very well be a means of your entry to Jannah!

Next Gathering Dates

Get these dates written in your diary insha’Allah and don’t miss out!

  • Sunday 9th February 2020: 4-5.50pm
  • Sunday 15th March 2020: 4-5.50pm
  • Sunday 12th April 2020: 4-5.50pm

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